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Adhesive and Tapes at PaperStyle
PaperStyle Limited supplies an impressive range of all branded and non branded adhesive and tapes, all of which are competitively priced and comply with our price match policy. We can supply your every need; whether you're looking for a light adhesive for say paper and other thin materials or something with that extra oomph for heavy duty sticking. Specific types of sticky tape available at PaperStyle are as follows: Clear Tape, Double Sided, Invisible Tape, Masking Tape, Packing Tape, Printed Tape, Other Tapes.

Finding the Right Artists & Graphics Supplies
We stock an impressive selection of Art and Graphics supplies for schools and to make things easier for you we have provided a special email address and phone number for your official purchase orders ( - a full time active account for instant ordering. So whether you are looking for academic supplies (crayons, chalk, paint, colouring pencils, compasses, curves, geometry sets, etc) or more technical, quality artists and graphics supplies, (trimmers and cutters, blades, knives, etc) we can cater your every need.

Finding Books, Pads, Journals and Albums
Here we have a wide variety of paper stationery including accounts books, address books, manuscript books and many more. There's no need to travel all the way to the main market for your office needs, it's all here. A brief list of our books, pads and albums include: Account books, Address books (stylish and plain), analysis books, business card holders, duplicate books, memo pads, legal pads, refill pads, sticky notes, wire bound note books in a range of different designs, sizes and colors, visitors books, and our best selling recycled range for the green at heart.

Catering And Facilities
We have all the catering accessories your work place could possibly need. We provide catering sundries (which include foil and cling film, serviettes, napkins, kitchen rolls, paper plates, paper bowls, stirring sticks and coffee filters), mugs, plastic cutlery, disposable cups, sweets and biscuits. If you are buying for your office kitchen, you may also be interested in some kitchen appliances (kettles, ovens, toasters, etc) and cleaning accessories (like mops, cleaning liquids, etc). These can be gotten for you on request.

Desktop Accessories (You definitely need these!)
This includes all the items we use on a daily basis such as Desk Tidies, Pins and Clips, Letter Trays and Staples, plus so much more. These really are things we cannot do without! Our variety includes; Blotters, Book and Magazine Racks, Clipboards, Desk Mats, Desk Tidies, cones, thimbles and post it dispensers, Letter Trays, Perforators, Pins, Clips and Fasteners, Rubber Stamps (Rubber stamps for business are custom-made, or they are bought ready-made. Contact us for custom made stamps), Scissors & Letter Openers, Staplers and Removers, Staples, Telephone Indexes.

There are Envelopes…
There are so many different types of envelopes currently on the market, sometimes it’s hard to find the exact one you need. They are available in lots of different sizes, styles, thicknesses, materials, colours and finishes. The most popular envelope sizes are C6 (holds A5 paper folded once or A4 paper folded twice), C5 (holds A5 paper or A4 folded once in half), C4 (holds A4 size paper without folding it) and DL (most commonly used in businesses, holds A5 paper folded once or A4 paper folded twice). Envelope types in stock include the window and plain, styles include banker envelopes, pocket envelopes and wallet envelopes (triangular closing flap).

No more Clutter (Storage, and Binders)
We stock an enormous range of files, pockets and binders which enable you to neatly store or archive files, documents and paperwork whilst freeing up valuable office space. No more clutter! With our fantastic range of economic, practical and luxury folders and accessories, you are bound to find something suitable for you and your staff. Our range; Box Files, Card Holders, Display Books, Dividers/Indexes/Tabs, Easel Binders, File Accessories, Filing accessories, Lever Arch Files, Manilla Folder Files, Manilla Wallets, Plastic Folders, Plastic Pockets, Plastic Wallets, Portfolio's, Presentation Folders, Presentation Ring Binders, Ring Binders, Slide Binders.

The Office Machine Supplies Section
As well as our extensive range of Office Machines at your request, at PaperStyle we also supply a vast and quality range of supplies to accompany them. Our range includes accessories such as batteries, binding combs and wires, fax rolls, laminating pockets and pouches, cash register rolls, telex rolls, PVC covers etc.

Your first step to understanding this is to know that gsm(Grams Per Square Meter) is a measurement of how heavy or 'thick' the paper is. So in short, the fewer the number, the lighter or 'thinner' the paper, there for the greater the number, the heaver and 'thicker' the paper will be. Paper on sale at PaperStyle is the standard 80gsm paper. Standard paper for laser and inkjet printers and photocopy machines is 80gsm, with 90gsm and 100gsm being used for higher quality documents and letters. Paper Sizes available include A4, A3, and A5, Foolscap, Letter and Legal Paper Sizes. Our paper come in a variety of colors too.

The Write Stuff!
At PaperStyle we provide a wide and extensive range of Pen's, Pencils and other writing materials. We understand that writing supplies is an essential for every business and are in constant demand. So if you're looking for an extra discount when buying larger quantities, you can get a quote here that will suit. We stock ballpoint pens (aka biros), rollerball pens, fountain pen, highlighters, felt-tip pen/marker (chisel tip and bullet tip), pencil (grades are as follows going from the darkest softest pencil to the sharpest lightest pencil. 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H.) The most common line widths are: 0.4mm, 0.7mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm and 5mm. We have a variety of pencils in the above grades, mechanical varieties. Permanent Markers, Correction fluid/tape, Erasers, Fineliner Pens, Flipchart Pens, Mechanical Pencils, Pencils Wood Case, Permanent Markers, Refill Ink, Refill Leads, Rulers, Sharpeners, Water Based Markers

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