About PaperStyle

PaperStyle is Nigeria’s next generation company offering unique and unequalled, design-led stationery, cards and gift-wrap which have been hand-picked from Stationers in Europe and America. We are a company founded from the passion of a self motivated entrepreneur. PaperStyle is the top destination for discerning individuals and organizations looking for new and unique gifts, cards and stationery.


  • Simply brilliant. We have waited for something this unique to come into our neighbourhood and we are glad they did. Boring stationery is out the door!Loveth Adetutu, Lekki.
  • I have always been an electronic gadget person. If I have to use paper products, it has to be from PaperStyle. Nnaemeka Nwosu, Gnosis Technologies.
  • I first found out at PaperStyle that stationery can be unique and exciting. The service is nonetheless first class customer service.Fatima Danmole.